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This site serves as the personal page of Kevin Gallagher, an Invited Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.


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During my time at New York University Tandon School of Engineering I have developed several assignments for my classes. These are enumerated below.

Application Security Assignments

When a Wreck Reaches the World Wide Web

In this assignment students are given a broken and poorly written website written in Django. Their job is to do the following:

  1. Find four vulnerabilities in the code and patch them.
  2. Explain the vulnerabailities they found and how they fixed them.
  3. Implement regression testing to ensure the attacks they found no longer work.
  4. Trigger that regression testing in a Continuous Integration system.
  5. Encrypt sensitive information in the website database.
  6. Practice propper key management in their database encryption approach.
  7. Sign their git comits.

For more information, this assignment can be found at its repository.

Deployment Gone Wrong

In this assignment students are given a barely-funcitoning deployment of a web service. This deployment uses Django and kubernetes, but contains many problems, including security issues regarding secrets. In this assignment, students must:

  1. Find all hard-coded secrets and replace them with Kubernetes secrets.
  2. Implement a kubernetes job to apply database structure to the database microservice.
  3. Implement a kubernetes job to pre-load the database with data necessary for the application to run.
  4. Install a monitoring service, Prometheus, to their kubernetes cluster and configure it to capture data from the deployed web service.
  5. Remove vulnerabilities related to improperly configured monitoring.

For more information, this assignment can be found at its repository.

Mobile Mess

In this assignment students are given a barely-functioning Android application which uses a REST backend (that the students cannot access). In this assignment students must:

  1. Secure Intents by switching implicit Intents to explicit Intents.
  2. Upgrade the Android Applicaiton to use HTTPS.
  3. Find a vulnerability, through blackbox testing, that allows individuals to use resources belonging to other accounts.
  4. Remove privacy invasive code and minimize permissions of the Android application.

For more information, this assignment can be found at its repository.

Information Security and Privacy Assignments

Midterm Assignment

In this assignments students are given a description of an organization’s assets and are required to:

  1. Create an attack tree to identify the easiest and most effective attack against the organization.
  2. Step through the Cyber kill-chain to describe the details of how an attack against the project could occur.
  3. Apply knowledge of cryptographic primitives to defend against the attacks considered.
  4. Compare their applied cryptographic approach to that of an existing solution, TUF.

For more information, this assignment can be found in this pdf.